• 6 Bella
  • 6 Bella España

6Bella - Calle Loreto 17 46701 Gandia (Valencia) - ESB98834732 - info@6bella.es

About us

We are an enthusiast young business. We dedicate ourselves to the production and distribution of  woman and man clothing, made with top quality materials, with a design and a production exclusively made in Italy.

Our producers create all pieces in little ateliers, that really guarantee exclusivity, quality and duration.

In our stores, you will find clothes, accessories and shoes.

We offer an exclusive service to each client, including personalized styling, with store closing only if requested and booked.

We cure at the maximum level all details, always trying to make the time spent in our spaces, intimate and pleasant. 

We organize formation courses, trying to guide the client, suggesting the top "must have" clothes that can't be missing in the closet, how to use accessories, etc. 

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